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Aug. 18 20130 Comment

1. Recognize Stress: Learning to recognize when your body is reacting to stress and identifying our stressors are the first steps in managing stress. 2. Take a Break: A change of pace, no matter how short, gives us a new outlook on old problems. Take a vacation 20 minutes a day – enjoy a change from the daily routine. 3. Learn to Relax: Under stress, the muscles in our bodies stay tight. One of the…

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Play Hanger game

Aug. 05 20130 Comment

Ragdoll games are one of the most famous online gaming sites that has over 1200 games. This site is widely sought after by millions of gamers from all over the world as this site is a very easy to use one and free. There are many games that a player can play and the gamer can opt from action, adventure, shooters, racing etc. Besides, it has been around for some time and there are many people that love playing the…

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A war game that challenges the brain

Feb. 26 20130 Comment

In the New 1000ad turn based strategy war game, take a small empire that lives off the land to greatness. Builders, toolmakers, weapon makers,explorers and an army work to expand their empire. The goal is to  manage their small empire  into a formidable civilization. The main economic activities that enrich the population in new 1000ad are hunting, farming and trading. The turn based strategy means that after every…

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